SEO Pressor Plugin


What Happened To The SEO Pressor Plugin

SEO Pressor Plugin

SEO Pressor Plugin

The SEO Pressor Plugin originally was installed on the Empower Network blogs but it is not available right now.  Why?  This is the answer given by the EN knowledge base:

That is a good answer for the Empower Network blogs because the last thing anyone needs is to have our system compromised but you can apply the principles of the SEO Pressor plugin to you posts.

Can I Use The SEO Pressor Plugin Formula Without The Plugin Using These Steps

1. Keyword in TITLE.  Add your keyword to Post tags on right column.  Only ONE keyword per post.

2. Start post with H1 heading containing keyword

3. H2 Heading with keyword

4. H3 Heading with keyword

5. Blog post 300-500 is ideal with keyword once every 100 words (300 words- 3 keywords, 400 4 keywords, etc.

6. Link back to another blog post on your website

7. Add an image and use keyword in title and alternate text fields.

8. Add video with keyword in title of video and link to it.

9. Bold, italicize and underline your keyword separately.

10. Have your keyword in the last sentence with nothing following it like an image or banner.

11. Add rel=”nofollow” in the html version of your post before every  ’href’ reference

12. Publish your post and test all links to make sure they are redirecting properly.

Using the SEO Pressor Plugin On Your Personal Blog To Transfer Post to Empower Network Blog

This is one way to use SEO Pressor Plugin for your postings on your Empower Network blog post.

1. Install your own version on a wordpress website you own.

2. Write your post in this website using the SEO Pressor Plugin tool and after all optimizations, copy the page and paste it in the Empower Network blog post, add image and video

3. Correct all outbound links, link to a page within your Empower Network site, add ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ in the html page before all href

4. Publish your post in Empower Network.

You can purchase a single site copy for $47 or a multisite copy of the SEO Pressor Plugin for $97 Here.


Here IBISWORLD top ten fastest-growing industries:

1. Generic Pharmaceuticals

2. Solar Panel Manufacturing

3. For-Profit Universities

4. Pilates And Yoga Studios

5. Self-Tanning Product Manufacturing

6. 3-D Printer Manufacturing

7. Social Network Game Development

8. Hot Sauce Production 

9. Green And Sustainable Building

10. Online Eyeglasses Sales

News about the top ten fastest-growing industries

According to this top ten fastest-growing industries report the United States is experiencing growth and industries, businesses and consumers appear to be working their  way out of the Great Recession’s lows. It is projected that the US gross domestic product will increase 3.3% per year over the next five years, which is an increase from the amount of growth between 2007 and 2012 of of 0.6% per year. Some industries, however, are flourishing and not just experiencing this small level of recovery.

IBISWorld published a list of these top ten fastest-growing industries flourishing industries based on their economic contribution as a whole (measured as industry value added), real growth revenue and establishment increase for the past 10 years, as well as the forecast performance through 2017.

Whether environmentally friendly focus practices and operations or taking advantage of technological advances, these top ten fastest-growing industries are projected to continue rising and far out perform the economy of other factions.

 Top 10 Fastest- Growing Industries 

By Lauren Setar & Matthew MacFarland 


Here is a chart of the statistics of the top ten fastest-growing industries:

top ten fastest-growing industries

About IBISWorld Inc. 

Recognized as the nation’s most trusted independent source of industry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of unique information and analysis on every US industry. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, the company equips clients with the insight necessary to make better business decisions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorld serves a range of business, professional service and government organizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit or call 1-800-330-3772.

This is encouraging news to hear about this growth of the top ten fastest-growing industries.  This has been a slow recovery but this projection reveals that the economy is on the road to recovery and these top ten fastest-growing industries are setting the pace.

To join the world of blogging and create your own fast growing home based business visit this site for the most affordable solution

Feel free to leave your comments about these top ten fastest-growing industries below in the comments section.

How Bad Do You Want It


Tell Me, How Bad Do You Want It?


How Bad Do You Want It

How Bad Do You Want It?


It is not going to be easy, it is hard work, but it’s simple……these 21 reasons will haunt you as you fight them off to keep from quitting.

1. You are going to get disappointed when you fail again and again…..

2. You are going to spend money and get nothing in return….

3. You are going to spend hours and hours of your time training up leaders only to have them quit you and change focus….

4. You are going to hit a brick wall where nothing appears to be working…

5. You are going to fail over and over and have nothing to show for your efforts….

6. You are going to want to quit when people disappoint you….

7. You are going to want to give up when you are not seeing results….

8. You are going to stink at making videos and feel like a fool….

9. You are going to have friends and colleagues laugh at you for even thinking you can succeed at this…..

10. You are going to be ridiculed and laughed at…

11. Your spouse is going to doubt your every step of the way until you prove yourself….

12. Your children are going to make you feel guilty when you can’t be at every ballgame….

13. Your boss is going to threaten to fire you for having a sideline business….

14. Your friends and family are going to avoid you like the plague because they don’t want in……

15. Your preacher is going to tell you that money is evil when really he should say the love of money is evil….

16. You are going to get no after no after no after no…..

17. You are going to have no shows and cancellations…..

18. You are going to be the only one on your team for days, weeks or possibly months…..

19. You are going to throw in the towel and almost quit daily until your spouse says “quit being a wussy”…

20. You are going to have a love hate relationship with the process until you learn the ropes…

21. You are going to be mentally and physically exhausted from days of no sleep…..

How Bad Do You Want It Or Is Quitting An Option?

Can you look your teammates in the eye and honestly say to them ” How Bad Do You want It?” ……if you don’t want it as much as you desire your next breath.

Because if you are not strong enough to hold them accountable to not only you……… but to themselves ……..then you don’t want it as bad as you want to breathe.

Because until you want it as bad as you want to draw your next breath…………you will not make it.

How Bad Do You Want It ……….not only today…………… but tomorrow ………and the day after…………. and for the long haul.

This is not a sprint…….it is a marathon and you will will need to train everyday in order to stay in the race and reach the finish line.


You have had a major break through and the money started trickling in……… and then pouring in………. and then it was just like a tsunami………. it was unstoppable and………….it continues and ………continues to this day…..

You’ve Made It Now…….How Bad Did You Want It?

Bad enough to never quit?  Quiting was really never an option.  You were “all in” for the fight and you would fight to the end because you “ain’t a wussy”……….. never  were……… never have been……. and never will be.

Your pride would not let you give up and be defeated.  You wanted it bad enough to do whatever it took to breakthrough the mental……emotional…… and spiritual barriers that were holding you back.

How Bad Do You Want It If You’ve Never Bought In?

Empower Network Women


Who Are The Empower Network Women

They are not only the entrepreneurs of the network, affiliate and internet marketing world but also the offline business world.  They have recognized a need to rectify a shortcoming in their business and that is “They don’t have enough business, because they don’t have a list built to market to on a weekly or daily basis.”

Empower Network Women

Empower Network Women

The Empower Network Women are real people who are making thousands of dollars on line for the very first time in 2, 3, 4 years of struggling in this industry.

Empower Network Women need LEADS and they have found a system that is teaching them how to generate leads on the internet through Facebook PPC, Solo ads, magazine ads, blogging, videos, webinars and offline meetings.

Watch this video and become inspired to become an entrepreneur yourself by joining our team here at Empower Network Women.

Empower Network Woman








Empower Network Women Are A Special Breed Of Women WhoDisplay Tese Characteristics:

1. Passionate – about helping others

2. Purposeful – vision to change lives

3. Predestined – for Greatness

Empower Network Women pay it forward by putting others before themselves.  They give tirelessly of their time, talent, experience and knowledge to see that not only their team members succeed, but the entire company team as a whole succeeds.  The Empower Network Women are networked together in Facebook groups, syndicating, bookmarking and commenting on blog posts on a daily basis.

Most of these Empower Network Women have never met in person but have built close knit relationships that extend miles around the world in different countries amoung different nationalities.

They are not looking for a get rich quick scheme which is here today and gone tomorrow.  They are here to teach and lead other Empower Network Women Entrepreneurs into successful careers as rainmakers of leads for their businesses and the businesses of those that follow them.

How These Empower Network Women Meet Each Other Online

1. Forums and discussion groups like Skype and Facebook groups.

2. Live streaming video conferences

3. Live events held in convention centers

4. Chat rooms blog postings

Does It Take Being a Geek Or Guru To Become A Empower Network Women

……NO……Absolutely NOT…….It only takes dedication and work…….

The blogging system is built for you.  You will have a slight learning curve as you watch the detailed videos that train you on how to use the blog for blogging daily.  You will not be alone and there are many others on your level who you will bond with and learn the ropes together.  The more experienced Empower Network Women are there to encourage you, celebrate your breakthroughs and pick you up when you are down and need a little internet love.

David Wood and Dave Sharpe have a goal and that goal is to help as many women as have the desire to earn $1000 a day to be able to accomplish that.  He realizes that the statistics are such that women make up the majority of network marketers and yet make a minority of the income and he would like to change that by equaling out the playing field.

They are paying out 100% commission on products that only sell for $500 and $1000 which are worth 10 times that or more.

As Empower Network Women, we can make more of an impact when we are bonded together as a voice able to bellow  out to the heavens and share our message of hope, prosperity, love and encouragement for all women who have a desire to rise above their circumstances, dig in deep, reach down into the gut of their body and empower themselves to work like their life depended on it and have fun as if they having a party.

If you want, need or desire to make $1000 a day doing three simple things which are:

1. Blog daily

2. Refer Others

3. Get Paid

Then ‘Rinse and repeat’, you belong on the Empower Network Women Team.

The nay sayers will try to steal your dreams and tell you that thing don’t work, it’s a pyramid scheme, they are just making money off you ………BUT………… for a measly $25 you can get into our Empower Network Women’s team and find out the TRUTH for yourself.

…….Will you make $1000 a day your first month?

…..To be honest, ………I doubt it, ………..but it is possible.

If you are willing to follow instructions and do exactly as Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, along with the other leaders train you to do in your blogging and your marketing, you will over time reach $1000 a day.

….Does it matter whether it takes you one month or 12 months?

……No,…………. you will make it when you have followed the steps throughly and long enough to get the results.  Quitting is not an option once you see the vision and get “All In”.

You will have become a part of a culture that does not quit, ……they don’t believe in it,……… it is not an option……..  The Empower Network Women are focused, motivated and determined to reach their individual goals whether that is $30,000 a month or $100,000 a month.

………Are you ready to go on the most exciting roll coaster ride of your life?……..

Then click the Empower Network Women’s video below, enter your email address, watch the video, invest in the $25 sign up fee and I will see you on the inside of this most incredible and powerful lead generating organizational system.

Empower Network Women

Be The Empower Network Women That Takes That First Step









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Visalus Ingredients Review


Raw Diet versus Visalus Ingredients 

Visalus ingredients

Young And Raw's Sheleana

Visalus IngredientsCommonly Asked Questions About the ViSalus Body by Vi Products

The following post was written by Sheleana

You tell me, ‘Who looks healthier?’

She expresses a very strong opinion about the Body By Vi diet which is made up of Visalus ingredients that she is not impressed with as she explains in this article.

What is Visalus, aka Body by Vi?

November 22, 2011

Today a Young and Raw Facebook Fan inspired me to do a little digging, and when I say a little, I mean all I had to do was google the ingredients for 10 minutes to realize this product is total crap. I wrote a review for you below, including a list of the ingredients that I searched on, mostly preservatives and cheap fillers. Any positives are outweighed by the negatives added into the product. It’s like dipping an apple in preservatives and saying it’s better then eating a regular apple, make sense? I think not.

After really going through the ingredient list on this Visalus shake product, just for 20 minutes, pulling up the basic definitions of the ingredients, i’ve found that this shake is complete and total garbage. I would NEVER put this in my body, and I mean NEVER. If I was starving, I would even question it then. Sad but true, this shake is PACKED with preservatives and milk products which inevitably means puss and other nasty hormones, antibiotics that are all results of consuming dairy.

Body Visalus also contains soy protein, which in my experience can be a total nightmare. Not only is soy high in phyto-estrogens, but it’s hard for the body to process, soy has a history of causing hormonal imbalance, weight gain, skin disorders, kidney stones (which I actually got twice in one year when consuming soy) etc. It’s not a winning protein option, there are so many better choices out there, like brazil nut protein, hemp protein, sun warrior protein, the amazing, natural and sustainable choices are abundant!

It’s sickening to me that this company can sell a product packed with preservatives and expect people to create long term, sustainable results for themselves. These people may lose weight, but inside their bodies are FIGHTING to process all of the foreign ingredients they are consuming from these shakes. Weight loss is not some crazy circus act, where we have to run around with a bunch of specialty patented shakes all day, consuming preservatives and other crap. Weight loss comes naturally when we consume natural, plant based foods. I lost 30 lbs in 3 months, without the gym, but eating a raw, vegan diet. This may not be for everyone, because it requires commitment, not that this visalus challenge doesn’t, but it’s not long term, it’s “do this for 90 days and then go back to what you’re doing”. It takes our brain 28 days to lay down new pathways. What I mean by this, is we can un-learn and re-learn things in 28 days, our brain creates habits for us, and then we run on those habits.

So think about this, if we spend 90 days consuming processed shakes to lose weight, we’ll have to continue consuming processed shakes to maintain our results. It’s set the people up for inevitable failure. OR we can spend 90 days, choosing plant based, mostly raw, all vegan foods. We can drink fresh vegetable and fruit juices, big hearty raw meals of greens, delicious fresh ingredients, nuts, seeds, dehydrated breads! We can literally teach our brain to enjoy the healthiest, best, most sustainable organic food in EXISTENCE and lose weight, but more importantly, lose the negative mindset and limiting beliefs that kept us reaching for the crap food and running from pleasure (healthy food, happy weight.)

90 Days is more then enough time to change your taste buds, your lifestyle and create new, successful habits, that you can sustain. I understand there is a huge market for these types of programs, and they are very helpful when the food choices that are presented are in alignment. If you were to do a 90 day program that included eating natural, organic foods, i’d say Hell yes! Here’s the thing, this company cut corners big time, all I had to do was google a few ingredients to see that they use cheap fillers that soda, candy and fake processed sugar companies use. It’s betrayal, don’t buy!

Other Visalus Ingredients: 

Protein Blend of (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, and Whey Protein Concentrate), Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin (Fibersol™), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavor, MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Gum Acacia, Xanthan, Sodium Caseinate, Lecithin, Aminogen™, Mono & Diglycerides, DiPotassium Phosphate, Sucralose
Contains: Milk and Soy

Here’s a fun list of some of the Visalus ingredients (and some preservatives) that I found nicely placed on the site as if it’s no big D. How many people are trusting this stuff without taking a second look? Not everything on this list is bad, you’ll have to read them all to conclude which ones’ you want in your body and which one’s you don’t. If you’re thinking about consuming this product, I highly recommend you take the time do do so. All I had to do was google an ingredient and pull up a few definitions to see that wikipedia had it right. This is what I got from wikipedia:


1. Whey

2. Soy gave me kidney stones TWICE in one year, here’s an article about the science behind why soy can be hazardous for some, note it’s also high in photo estrogens which causes a hormonal imbalance to occur in both sexes, hosting an array of other nasty side effects. I always recommend people avoid soy at all costs, some people love it, it’s your experiment either way:

3. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are medium-chain (6 to 12 carbons) fatty acid esters of glycerol.MCTs passively diffuse from the GI tract to the portal system (longer fatty acids are absorbed into the lymphatic system) without requirement for modification like long-chain fatty acids or very-long-chain fatty acids. In addition, MCTs do not require bile salts for digestion. Patients that have malnutrition or malabsorption syndromes are treated with MCTs because they do not require energy for absorption, utilization, or storage. Coconut oil is composed of approximately 66% medium-chain triglycerides. Other rich sources of MCTs include palm kernel oils and camphor tree drupes. The fatty acids found in MCTs are called medium-chain fatty acids.

4. Maltodextrin: Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. It is produced from starch by partial hydrolysis and is usually found as a creamy-white hygroscopic spraydried powder. Maltodextrin is easily digestible, being absorbed as rapidly as glucose, and might be either moderately sweet or almost flavorless. It is commonly used for the production of sodas and candy. It can also be found as an ingredient in a variety of other processed foods.

Gum Acacia or Gum arabic: a complex mixture of polysaccharides and glycoproteins, is used primarily in the food industry as a stabilizer. It is edible and has E number E414. Gum arabic is a key ingredient in traditional lithography and is used in printing, paint production, glue, cosmetics and various industrial applications, including viscosity control in inks and in textile industries, although less expensive materials compete with it for many of these roles. While acacia gum is now produced throughout the African Sahel, it is also still harvested and used in the Middle East. For example, Arab populations use the natural gum to make a chilled, sweetened, and flavored gelato-like dessert.

5. Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide, derived from the bacterial coat of Xanthomonas campestris, used as a food additive and rheology modifier,[2] commonly used as a food thickening agent (in salad dressings, for example) and a stabilizer (in cosmetic products, for example, to prevent ingredients from separating). It is produced by the fermentation of glucose, sucrose, or lactose by the Xanthomonas campestris bacterium. After a fermentation period, the polysaccharide is precipitated from a growth medium with isopropyl alcohol, dried, and ground into a fine powder. Later, it is added to a liquid medium to form the gum.

6. Casein: from Latin caseus, “cheese”) is the name for a family of related phosphoprotein proteins. These proteins are commonly found in mammalian milk, making up 80% of the proteins in cow milk and between 60% and 65% of the proteins in human milk. Casein has a wide variety of uses, from being a major component of cheese, to use as a food additive, to a binder for safety matches. As a food source, casein supplies amino acids; carbohydrates; and two inorganic elements, calcium and phosphorus. p.s – Casein protein is like glue in our systems, it’s much different then the amounts of casein in human breast milk, and I’m sure this may seem obvious, but if we were meant to be drinking it, women would probably produce breast milk all of their lives, but they don’t, because breast milk is for babies, and cows milk is for baby cows.

7. Lecithin can easily be extracted chemically (using hexane) or mechanically from readily available sources such as soy beans. It has low solubility in water. In aqueous solution its phospholipids can form either liposomes, bilayer sheets, micelles, or lamellar structures, depending on hydration and temperature. This results in a type of surfactant that is usually classified as amphipathic. Lecithin is sold as a food supplement and for medical uses. In cooking, it is sometimes used as an emulsifier and to prevent sticking, for example in non-stick cooking spray.
Mono- and diacylglycerols are common food additives used to blend together certain ingredients, such as oil and water, which would not otherwise blend well.The commercial source may be either animal (cow- or hog-derived) or vegetable, derived primarily from partially hydrogenated soy bean and canola oil. They may also be synthetically produced. They are often found in bakery products, beverages, ice cream, chewing gum, shortening, whipped toppings, margarine, and confections.

8. Aminogen: Patented enzyme, hard to find anything but fluffy reviews with no real information on the ingredient aside from planted reviews. I’d like to see what it consists of. Here’s something to keep in mind, when a scientist who’s being paid by a company, or an employee of a company gives a review, it’s bias. If you want real reviews, you need to find opinions from people and experts who have ZERO vested interest int he product or company they are reviewing. For example, this is my personal opinion after the research I did on my own, as a human being who cares for other human beings in this world, that’s it. I don’t get paid either way. Find more people that are willing to give non-bias reviews and you’ll find something that resonates with you. If you want to be sold, go ask the people getting paid what they think of the product.

9. Dipotassium phosphate (K2HPO4) – also phosphoric acid, dipotassium salt; dipotassium hydrogen orthophosphate; potassium phosphate, dibasic – is a highly water-soluble salt which is often used as a fertilizer, food additive and buffering agent. It is a common source of phosphorus and potassium.The pH of a dipotassium phosphate solution is almost neutral. It is formed by the stoichiometric neutralization of phosphoric acid with potassium hydroxide.

10 . Sucralose is an artificial sweetener(Are you kidding me??) The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body and therefore it is non-caloric. In the European Union, it is also known under the E number (additive code) E955. Sucralose is approximately 600 times as sweet as sucrose (table sugar), twice as sweet as saccharin, and 3.3 times as sweet as aspartame. It is stable under heat and over a broad range of pH conditions. Therefore, it can be used in baking or in products that require a longer shelf life. The commercial success of sucralose-based products stems from its favorable comparison to other low-calorie sweeteners in terms of taste, stability, and safety. Common brand names of sucralose-based sweeteners are Splenda, Sukrana, SucraPlus, Candys, Cukren and Nevell

Everything you desire is at your fingertips. If you want to find out what you’re eating, do a bit of research, if you want to be happier, read an amazing  book like Conversations with Richard Bandler, If you want to lose weight and KEEP it off, experiment with a vegan and mostly raw diet. Raw Food is a reset button, you don’t have to be 100% raw to be successful. I’ve watched clients reverse sugar addictions in 1 week with our raw food program, I lost weight without the gym, and I’ve watched countless others do the same and lose a lot more weight then I did. A friend we just met at the last Longevity Conference with David Wolfe lost 150lbs with raw food alone, just eating natural plant based foods, that’s it! If you want to join a loving and supportive community that will deliver you the most non-bias, health information around, come over to join Young and Raw on Facebook and ask as many questions as you like! We’re here to help :)
Keep asking questions!

Love Sheleana

What’s your opinion of the Visalus Ingredients?

It is true that a lot of people are losing a lot of weight on this Body By Vi challenge but at what cost?  Forget about the cost of the product itself,  what about the cost to their health.  Is being skinnier but unhealthy a trade off.

Could it be that the hype and excitement of the 90 day challenge has made people not even read the Visalus ingredients or did they read they and use not care what it was coin to their cells.

If our bodies are made up of living cells which recognize living raw food, what do these Visalus ingredients which consists of chemicals do to the cell’s nutritional component?

Only time will tell what happens to these bodies who continue to use these shakes on a daily basis….will they pay a price greater than being overweight?  The jury is still out…stay tuned!

If you are are satisfied with the Visalus Ingredients as thousands of recruiters and need to generate more leads for your business on the internet you can watch a special free video by entering your email Here.

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